“I cannot be still for long. There is a riot in me all the time. A needy, restless voice in my heart endlessly urging me onward. I ache for new experiences and my hunger for adventure is boundless. My entire life is a perpetual loop of longing for something else.” – Beau Taplin

Sometimes we don’t realize the magnitude of our actions because they seem too small to even make much of a difference. We count our successes based only on how loud we’re cheered for, by the amount of pats on the back and how many likes on a post… What happens to the many little triumphs that happen in an unplanned moment, without means of documentation, To the stories within a world undiscovered, a world we are taught to fear… what happens to the successes within ourselves that go unnoticed and can only be brought to the attention of others through a story, stories that have no titles, only depth…

What happens if we let our words drown us instead of allowing it to quench others, who are we that we hide our truths and turn a deaf ear to the truth of our neighbors…

This is my story…

One that belongs to me, and to you… forever.

Much love,


xoxo ♥

a South African. an ambivert. a writer. a reader. a story teller. a banter enthusiast. a postcard lover. a foodie. too curious. a shower singer. a photographer. a Sagittarius. a mediocre driver at best. a milkshake lover. a McNuggets junkie. a Redbull drinker. an insomniac. a restless leg syndrome sufferer. a poop emoji fanatic. a cat lover. a seeker of culture. a risk taker. an ear ready to listen. a shoulder to cry on. a lover. a clutz. a stargazer. a people watcher. a traveler. a nomad. a teacher. a learner. human.